Vegan choices

Simon Brampton with a response to our January issue.

As a vegetarian in Spain struggling to be a vegan against the will and antagonism of my wife and several friends, the articles and letters (January and February issues) on veganism have been of very keen interest.

Firstly, I would like to propose (humbly) a vegan alternative to the meat eaters’ 4 Ns that attempt to explain why they do so. I call them the 4 Es.

Ethical – In favour of animal wellbeing and kind treatment.
Environmental – The belief that raising livestock (especially cows) has a negative effect on the environment and contributes to global heating.
Economical – My perception is that I have saved up to 30 per cent on my weekly supermarket shop since I stopped buying meat.
Eating healthily – The belief that eating a plant-based diet is healthier than one centred around meat.
I would like to hear the opinions of other readers and researchers on these 4 Es and how they could be used to analyse the dietary and life choices made by vegans.          

Simon Brampton
Founder and Managing Director, Advantage Languages and Brampton Idiomas

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