April 2021

Ron Dodzro, who identifies as Black man, a Clinical Psychologist in Training and a lover of UK rap, looks to the genre to make sense of the hidden aspects of gang-affiliated violence.
‘Leaders are calling for disenfranchised youth to be listened to and understood’: Loski – Intro
Adrian Skinner on the Society's Memory-Based Evidence Task and Finish Group, with a response from the Chair of the Research Board.
An appreciation by her colleagues and former students of Oxford Brookes University.
Daren Lee argues that for those who use alcohol to cope with distress, the landscape of mental health provision and its opaque exclusion criteria can be disorientating.
Lance Workman interviews Peter K. Smith about his research on play and bullying.
Dr Camilla Rosan and Patrick Myers both support parents in reducing conflict and improving outcomes for children. Here they interview each other on the context of their work, their aims for the future, and the challenges in reducing inter-parental conflict.
Georgia Dunning with her personal reflections on an undergraduate professional placement in a Clinical Neuropsychology Service.
Jake Hollis speaks to those detained at Dungavel Immigration Removal Centre in Scotland.