June 2021

It seemed Myanmar was inching towards a more democratic regime, but since February the military junta has cracked down again on protestors. In this article Chris Mabey seeks to understand the situation and discern some signs of hope for this war-torn land.
The Science of Hate: How prejudice becomes hate and what we can do to stop it by Matthew Williams, (Faber & Faber; £14.99), reviewed by Dr Siân E. Jones.
An extract from The No-Nonsense Meditation Book: A Scientist’s Guide to the Power of Meditation, by Steven Laureys MD.
Neuralink Monkey MindPong, deconstructed. Jon Sutton reports.
An extract from ‘Models of the Mind: How Physics, Engineering and Mathematics Have Shaped Our Understanding of the Brain’ by Grace Lindsay, with kind permission from the publisher Bloomsbury Sigma.
A tribute from Dr Rachel Shaw and Professor Richard Tunney (Aston University).