March 2021

Eloise experiments with mindfulness to find her authentic, autistic self.

He recognizes that it rests within himself to choose; that the only question which matters is, “Am I living in a way that is deeply satisfying to me, and which truly expresses me?” 

Catherine Dooley and Hannah Farndon introduce new advice on best practice in Psychology recruitment.
Telling Science Stories: Reporting, Crafting and Editing for Journalists and Scientists (Routledge) by Martin W. Angler, reviewed by Annie Brookman-Byrne.
Dr Rob Webster on working with schools to maximise the impact of teaching assistants on outcomes in children with special educational needs. As told to Annie Brookman-Byrne.
Dr Jon Sutton introduces the issue.
Dr Emma Hepburn, AKA thepsychologymum, recognised with 'Points of Light' award. Ella Rhodes reports.
We hear from psychologists finding themselves in the firing line on Covid information and response.
The latest from Dr Hazel McLaughlin.
Veronica O’Keane, Professor of Psychiatry and practising Consultant Psychiatrist at Trinity College Dublin, has her first trade book out now with Allen Lane: ‘The Rag and Bone Shop: How We Make Memories and Memories Make us’. Our editor Jon Sutton fired her some questions.