Editorial, October 2021

Dr Jon Sutton introduces the issue.

Over the last year or so, as I said in the online version of the Advisory Committee letter published last month, we’ve been on the receiving end of comments from members that, to my eyes at least, became a bit much. This is not a new experience. But I was a little shocked when my attempts to explain the impact of repeated, named, personal abuse prompted comments (including public) that I was playing the victim or weaponising my mental health.  

Surely as psychologists we can and should do better than this? The evolving public narrative around mental health, stigma and ‘it’s good to talk’ is to be welcomed. But what if, as Annie Hickox says, ‘the threat is coming from inside the house’?

This month we have a few pieces which consider self-disclosure around mental health and other aspects of personal lives. And for a more prosocial world, we look to evolution science with Freddy Jackson Brown and colleagues.

As ever, a big thanks to all those who support and contribute to what we do

Dr Jon Sutton

Managing Editor @psychmag

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