September 2021

Dr Ross Harper on his journey to CEO for Limbic, providing AI software for mental healthcare.
Neurodharma (Rider) by Rick Hanson, reviewed by Dr Marilyn Aitkenhead.
Friends: Understanding the Power of our Most Important Relationships by Robin Dunbar (Little Brown), reviewed by Talia Drew.
Selfless: A Psychologist’s journey through identity and social class by Geoffrey Beattie (Routledge), reviewed by Dr Laura Kilby.
Intercultural Competence for College and University Students: A Global Guide for Employability and Social Change by Dr Caprice Lantz-Deaton and Professor Irina Golubeva is out now. Jon Sutton asked Caprice some questions about the book.
Ian Florance interviews Jovan Byford, a senior lecturer in psychology at the Open University.
Luis Gómez-Ordóñez, Glenn Adams, Kopano Ratele, Shahnaaz Suffla, Garth Stevens and Geetha Reddy engage the decolonial project that Dr Deanne Bell outlined in these pages last year.
Lawrence Howells turns to health and emotion.

Three years after qualifying as a clinical psychologist, I found myself facing a significant dilemma. I was asked to speak to college students about youth mental health and, despite a decade...

Ella Rhodes and Annie Brookman-Byrne talk to psychologists about its impact.
Dominic Conroy watches Another Round, directed by Thomas Vinterburg.