Our colliding worlds

How to Survive and Thrive in an Impossible World by Steve Bonham (Artisan Creative Ltd; £12.99); reviewed by Laura Burchill.

Steve Bonham wrote this fabulous book during the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, when so many people’s work lives and personal lives collided. How do we flourish in times of enormous uncertainty? This book advocates accepting the uncertainty, making sense of it, and supporting the positive outcomes.

Bonham writes in an engaging, thought provoking and fun yet guiding way, adding lots of great psychological theory and knowhow. It really sang to me! I felt as if I went on a journey with Bonham as he shared information about his career, life and travels with lots of interesting, insightful tales.

Every one of us is on our own personal journey through the Covid-19 pandemic. Many of us experienced the strange intertwining of home and work, which we fight to keep separate and yet are so inextricably linked. This book looked at each side of life with understanding and acceptance, advocating a strong and confident way forward to feel connected to your authentic self – to be the ‘captain of your own ship’. Bonham suggests allowing yourself to be ‘wild’, but in a strong, controlled, rehearsed and safe way by being ‘experimental’.
Readers will pay attention to different aspects of the book and will no doubt get what they need. I will hold on to some excellent phrases such as ‘self-consciousness is a self-imposed limitation whilst self-awareness is a door to liberation’.

This book is more than just a great read – it has workbook style pages to complete. It guides you, but without the pressure of a normal self-help book. I will keep it on my shelf and come back to it as a lasting reminder of the Covid situation, and how allowing your two worlds to collide might just be exactly what you need to truly flourish.

- Reviewed by Laura Burchill, Business Psychologist and Coach

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