The big cheese at work

The New World of Work: Shaping a future that helps people, organizations and our societies to thrive, by Peter Cheese (Kogan Page), reviewed by Emily Hutchinson.

Peter Cheese is the Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and so is very well positioned to write about the future of work. This big book is a thorough review of where we are now and how we can create a better future for the benefit of business, society and individuals.

There are some real nuggets in here – it’s easy to read and contains great analysis and insight about where we are getting it wrong and right (from education to shareholder focus, to ideas about generational differences). Through it all is a hope that we can create a future where work is both part of and an enabler of a healthy and happy existence.

Cheese recognises that what we are doing now is not sustainable – there is a lot about the world of work which is unhealthy and damaging to our society. However, surveys have indicated that people are generally optimistic. If we focus on increasing flexibility, working fewer hours, learning more, greater equality, and actively doing good, then maybe we can all shape a better future.

- Reviewed by Emily Hutchinson, Associate Editor (books), Director of Apply Psychology

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