Calling 1972 Glasgow alumni

Did you graduate with honours in psychology from the University of Glasgow in 1972? If so, read on.

In 2022 we celebrate our 50th anniversary and we are planning to have a reunion at the university on Saturday 14 May. The Alumni Association have offered to give us a tour in the afternoon, and we will have an informal dinner in the evening.

There have been so many major changes since ‘our day’. We will have lots of memories to share. We had no mobile phones, no internet and used a computer the size of an office to scramble the data for our undergraduate projects.

In an era when seven per cent of school leavers went to university, we enjoyed a class of 27 so we all knew one another and had good relationships with the staff, aided by the annual reading parties in Crieff.

We were lucky enough to have a heterogeneous group of students thanks to the joint honours system and the fact that psychology could be studied in the arts and the science faculties. It was a bonus that a sense of humour was ever-present, often borrowed from the themes of the time, in particular Monty Python.

If you have a vague recollection of participating in a homemade movie focusing on ‘Silliness in Britain’ and performing silly walks on the roof of the Adam Smith building you are in danger of being one of our number!

If you require further jogging of the memory trace, the above photo may help…

Please make contact on: [email protected]

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