June 2022

The BPS has been given a place in the London Pride parade later this year. Diversity and Inclusion Manager Neil Baker explained what it means to the Society.
Kate Johnstone (Associate Editor for Culture) watches 'Severance' on Apple TV+.
Podcasters Lucinda Powell (Psychology in the Classroom) and Shahana Knight (The Therapeutic Teacher) on their work.
Rebecca White and Helen Wilson visit what is described as ‘the first exhibition of its kind, creating a platform to share personal stories open conversations and break the wall of silence that continues to surround baby loss’
Vacancies for Clinical/Counselling Psychologists.
Elizabeth Bates is Chair of the Male Psychology Section of the British Psychological Society. Her research interests centre on male victims of female perpetrated partner violence as well as the broader issue of domestic violence and abuse; in addition, she’s committed to ensuring that her students have the best possible experience at university, and the greatest chance of employment. She talked to Ian Florance.
Nishat Babu on volunteering, including through work.

Volunteering – including so-called ‘corporate volunteering’ – can have a positive impact not only on the helped, but also on the helper. Can we ensure these benefits are ...

As space tourism becomes reality and astronauts prepare for the Moon and Mars, understanding gravity’s effects on psychology may be crucial. Shaoni Bhattacharya reports.
Ella Rhodes reports from a British Psychological Society event.
Ella Rhodes reports.