Editorial, March 2022

Dr Jon Sutton introduces the issue.

The original paper outlining the Dunning-Kruger Effect – ‘Unskilled and unaware of it’ – is a good example of the scientific storytelling we considered last month. It opens with McArthur Wheeler, having walked into two Pittsburgh banks and robbed them in broad daylight with no visible attempt at disguise, baffled that the police had captured him. ‘But I wore the juice,’ he mumbled. Apparently, Wheeler was under the impression that rubbing one’s face with lemon juice rendered it invisible to videotape cameras. 

We all have our ‘I wore the juice’ moments, and see Wheelers in our daily life. So the effect feels real. But what’s really behind it? Similarly, what’s the true story behind groupthink?

Elsewhere, there’s misinformation (also listen to our latest Research Digest podcast), and Long-Covid. With the virus circulating at high levels, the vaccine will not fully protect us from its lasting effects. So why aren’t we talking about Long-Covid, and psychologists’ role in it?  

Dr Jon Sutton

Managing Editor @psychmag

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