Why do I feel?

Dani Olliffe listens to Nathan Filer's podcast.

Why Do I Feel? Is a rich and thought-provoking podcast hosted by qualified mental health nurse and author, Nathan Filer. Following the title of the podcast, I anticipated more explanation of “why we feel”: instead, each episode centred around one emotion in particular, but generally explored a situation the individual had experienced that evoked the emotion. I was hoping for some psychologically-informed discussions, but none-the-less I still found myself engrossed in the stories.

In the episode ‘The Green-Eyed Monster’, we hear from Dr Windy Dryden, emeritus professor of psychotherapy and expert on envy. Host Nathan receives a single session of CBT, centred around his experiences of envy. This episode is worth a listen, and as someone who’s not familiar with how single-session therapies work I was really surprised at the developments made in that short time. Dr Windy Dryden cognitively reframed Nathan’s outlook on his envy-evoking habit of comparison to other authors.

It’s worth a listen to hear some interesting stories, with a touch of input from experts too. I look forward to seeing what future series of this podcast cover: more psychology would be a great addition.

- Listen now.

- Dani Olliffe; BSc Psychology and Counselling student, University of Westminster. T: @dani_olliffe

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